– Press Release Case Study

Co-Founder Darren Horler of Seaveyors Environmental & Marine Services, one of our maintenance clients, asked Bad Dog what we could do to help their site,, break into the top 10 on Google for ‘BC Diving Services’.

Now, this is a very broad category search. It brings back results that run the gamut of recreational dive companies, diving schools for individuals and train-the-trainers certification, and commercial dive services. The approximate results of such a search are in the neighbourhood of 1.1 million possible results. It’s so general and so many companies want that top 10 placement that simply creating an seo-friendly page targeted to that term would be a slow, and potentially ineffective strategy.

Instead, Bad Dog developed a multimedia press release for, utilizing photos and content they already had, and submitted it through our industry leading PR partner. This is not the same as ‘article marketing’, though releases can also be found showing up in those free directories. Instead, the news release goes through an editorial process and must meet rigorous criteria to be approved for release.

The criteria ensure that each release has a bonafide news angle, contains quotes from relevant individuals (clients or their customers), and has images and multimedia of high quality value.

This release is then forwarded out, depending on level of release chosen by the customer, to thousands of journalists online, and their publications – web sites, blogs, magazines. These entities have signed up to receive ‘story ideas’ and content through the PR service, and the pick-up on the stories is very fast, typically 1-3 DAYS, vs. weeks of waiting for a Google crawler to swing by the client’s site.

A third tier gives the client access to a list of journalists by name, and is searchable by industry sector, publication type, location and more. Up to 200 journalists can be selected for a direct email. This is incredibly targeted promotion.

Within 3 days, the Seaveyors release had received 60,000 headline impressions, 3000+ reads, and had been picked up in a variety of journals, blogs and sites. They also broke the top 10 in Google for ‘bc diving services’ and are still placing there after two months. They are #12 for ‘bc dive services’ (no suffix) and are in the top 10 for ‘dive services bc’ (a separate search term).

The entire campaign cost less that $900, including creation of the release. I ran into one of the other principals of the company last week: “Very impressed!” was the feedback.

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