Design and consultation are important things. Our philosophy is to take on only those projects where the creative and interpersonal fit is optimal and the project not only accomplishes the customer’s goals, but is also fun and stress-free.

Master/Expert level designations from Smarterer.com

Bad Dog Design has been in operation since 1997. We were one of the first web design companies in the region, and our flagship site, Bigpacific.com, was one of the first multimedia, visualized community destination web sites online – anywhere in the world. We have a history of innovation, forward and creative thinking, and a commitment to support backed up by the longevity to prove it. We love our clients and are very passionate about what we do, because you amaze us with what YOU do, and we’d love to be a part of your story.

Bad Dog Design offers a wide range of skills to help you fill in the gaps… can’t write? No problem, we’ll generate the site content based on your other marketing materials or an in-person recorded interview rewritten and edited for the web. For in-depth projects a professional researcher/writer is available. Want to maintain your site after it’s finished? Excellent. WordPress sites are reasonably easy to edit (dead easy if you’re good on computers). Yuck, want someone else to do all that web stuff for you so you can concentrate on what YOU are best at? We can take care of that too.

Want to make a change down the road to another designer, system or solution? Bad Dog Design is 100% dedicated to helping you get what YOU want, even if that’s someone else (we’ll want to learn why of course so we can improve our services). I’ll make sure YOU are in control of your domain name and hosting – no one else should hold the fate of your business in their hands.

We’ll communicate clearly, be positive and proactive about supporting you, and stick to estimates (if you want to expand or add functions we’ll requote before work starts). We will enjoy the process, and you will too! And if through the estimating process we think there’s another reputable company either here, on Vancouver Island or in the city who is a better fit for your project, we’ll help you connect with them.

Passion about the work is huge, and we come to it from a background of creative writing, photography, journalism and newspaper production. We are a champion for your business, and a partner in helping you reach your marketing goals. No one will work harder for you or enjoy it more. Guaranteed.

laurie mcconnell

Personal bio, Laurie McConnell

I think it’s important to know the people you’re connecting with. One of the things that bugs me the most is a faceless ‘about’ page on a web site. You know, you’ve seen them: a boilerplate page with a lot of fluff material that probably came with the template it’s shown on.

In my company, it’s different. I like the people and businesses Bad Dog Design works with. Our relationships are real, engaging, exciting and a frequent reminder of how great it can be to intersect with other humans towards a common goal.

So here’s the important stuff about my work background and life that you might find impactful on your decision to contact Bad Dog Design:

  • 15 years of print production management in community newspapers
  • associate degree in journalism
  • two years post-secondary concentration in creative writing, art history and sociology
  • parent of teenagers
  • openly gay and steadfastly open-minded
  • self-taught, never could slow down enough to do it the slow way
  • continuous investment in training online and in business management
  • board member, Community Futures Development Corporation – Sunshine Coast
  • past board member/committee chair/organizer (various roles) Vancouver Coast & Mountains Tourism Region Board, Sechelt & District Chamber of Commerce, Sechelt & District Arts Culture & Heritage Committee
  • Co-founder Sunshine Coast Bed & Breakfast, Cottage Owners Association

Bad Dog Design works with a variety of partners and programs. We believe in finding the BEST providers for your business, and so our network of contacts includes professionals from around the world who work with us to collectively deliver anything and everything you need.

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